This Is What I Call Good Fucking Service
Let me set the scene of this Wifey's World porn gallery. It's set in a lounge where this blonde cougar is serving drinks. Now, I'm going to let that soak in for a moment. Imagine walking into a bar and having this babe as your bartender and she is barely dressed. Yeah, that would be fucking hot.

Of course, I think it's against health code or something to serve drinks when you are wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, a corset and high heel shoes. I could be wrong but I don't think you can do that. Fortunately for this babe, she is tending bar in her own home for her husband—which means she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

Which is a good thing because a whole lot of other health codes are broken when this milf begins to get fucked on this bar. And even more are broken when she sucks this guy's dick and then takes a mouthful of cum in her mouth. So you might not want to sit down and have a drink in this bar, but you really got to appreciate the personalized service you'll receive. I'll take a whiskey sour minus all the jizz, please.