Watch Out For This Cum Stealing Cat Burglar
Check out this picture gallery, they will blow your fucking mind. The first time I saw this scene—which just so happened to be around Halloween—was in video form on WifeysWorld and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It features our sexy blonde milf dressed up like catwoman and doing some very naughty things while she was wearing that costume.

Of course, cat woman wishes she was hot as this busty milf. She never could be. This blonde big tits just hang out of this costume—which I imagine would make committing crimes pretty easy, if she was indeed a super villain. All she would have to do is pull out those boobs, and guys would let her steal whatever she wanted to steal. Easy as pie.

She isn't really a super villian, however, she is just a porn star. Yet she is getting ready to steal something in this scene. She is going to steal the cum out of this guy's balls and he is not even going to know what hit him. I guess that she really is some kind of cat burglar. I know that she can come and steal my nut anytime she wants to, I won't even put up a fight.